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The film revolves around Akira, who is reminiscing his life, his trysts with love and how he turned out to be the responsible man that his businessman father he eventually wanted to be.Akira Sharma (Sonakshi Sinha) is a little girl who lives happily with her father and mother. One day, she witnesses a crime involving a group of unruly men throwing acid on a young woman’s face. Akira helps the police catch one of the criminals. Because of involving herself as a witness, the unruly men harass Akira and slash Akira’s face out of revenge, ultimately giving her a scar. Akira’s father enrolls her in a self-defense class for her to be able to protect herself in the future. On her way home one day, Akira see’s the same men who attacked her previously, while fighting them, one of them takes out a bottle of acid to throw acid on her. When it backfires, Akira is accused of throwing acid on his face and is sent to juvenile jail.Fourteen years later, Akira has grown into a brave young woman, while her father has died. Akira and her mother move in with her brother. Akira later joins college and lives in a hostel. A couple of students try to bully her but end up learning the hard way to not mess with her. One night, ACP Rane (Anurag Kashyap) runs into one of the college professors with his car and beats him up because the professor is upset about his behaviour. The college students reach out to the commissioner. The police brutally beats them up and tries to move all of the students away, with only Akira remaining. She hands over the signed petition sheet and the information to the commissioner when he arrives.

Akira Full Movie


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